Article of brexit

You have successfully emailed the post. Britain is more than one-quarter of the way through the Article 50 period — and has nothing to show for it. Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted her government is making contingency plans for “no deal. Two sources say her government has received legal advice on whether Brexit is reversible article of brexit revocable.

This is why Article 50 is a trap and triggering it early was an error: The EU doesn’t need to do anything to “win” the negotiation, it can sit on its hands until the clock runs out in March 2019 and punish Britain with a “hard Brexit. LONDON — Three pieces of information coming from Downing Street in the last seven days have illustrated — again — why the Article 50 negotiations are a trap and why triggering it early was a huge strategic error by Theresa May. Government is working on what it would need to put in place if there was ‘no deal,'” she said. And thirdly, there is Chancellor Philip Hammond’s new customs paper, which talks about preparations “if the UK were to leave the EU without a negotiated settlement. We’re six months into the 24-month Article 50 period, and now “no deal” looks like an increasingly likely scenario.