Brexit and britain

You have successfully emailed the post. Questions have been bubbling away for months about the Kremlin’s role in Brexit. Major news outlets are now running in-depth reports brexit and britain Russia-linked activity.

The government says their is no evidence of Russian meddling in recent votes. Some MPs think the government is “stonewalling” and want a full inquiry. Britain has suddenly woken up to the prospect that Russia may have interfered in last year’s EU referendum. In the week when Prime Minister Theresa May accused Vladimir Putin’s regime of weaponising fake news to “sow discord” in the west and “meddle in elections,” the British press is awash with stories detailing Kremlin attempts to subvert Brexit.

These questions have been bubbling away for months and, as US investigators make progress in establishing whether Russian influenced last year’s presidential election, they have risen to the surface in the UK as well. Both The Times and The Guardian carried front-page stories on Wednesday detailing how Russian bots used Twitter to post messages about the referendum. Citing findings from the University of Swansea and University of California, Berkeley, The Times said over 150,000 Russian-based accounts posted about Brexit in the days leading up to vote on June 23, 2016. The majority were in favour of the campaign to leave the EU, the newspaper said, a position thought to align with Putin’s ambition to destabilise the west.