Brexit is brexit

EU seeks Customs union in Brexit is brexit. Is balance of trust shifting from political to social? But, as things stand, it is expected that a Brexit will affect the access to EU funding. The British choice to leave the EU results in a unique, unprecedented situation.

To make things more complex, article 50 TEU only provides the outline of the exit procedure. As such, the first step is to determine the decision-making process within the UK. Thereto, the British Supreme Court ruled that the Government cannot trigger article 50 TEU without an authorizing act of Parliament. EU, including a withdrawal from the single market, but keeping the advantages of free trade in goods and services. Supreme Court decided that the Government has no power to trigger article 50 TEU without consulting Parliament. The EU intends to only enter into negotiations after the UK has invoked article 50 TEU, with a clear and unequivocal stance on the inseparability of the four freedoms.

Concurring with this, the UK Government has initiated a Great Repeal Bill which will withdraw the legislation that gives direct effect to EU Law in Britain. The existing EU law will be converted into British law and will then be free to amend by Parliament. With this, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will end. What’s the impact for ongoing European projects?