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You have successfully emailed the post. Several polls have shown that a majority referendum brexit British people now want a second EU referendum.

A majority of people now believe that voting to leave was “wrong. The country now has a more concrete idea of what Brexit actually means — economically, politically and in terms of the future of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Britain deserves a second referendum before March 2019. LONDON — In the last couple of months, a great divide has opened up between the government and its people. There must be no attempts to remain inside the European Union, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, and no second referendum. What’s interesting about that statement is its absolutism: There was a vote in June 2016, May’s government says, and that was the end of democracy on the matter.

At no point — for any reason, even after two years of further research and debate, even if such a vote were requested — should Britain be allowed to think again on this massive change to the basis of our constitution and our economy. While the government has become more religiously orthodox on Brexit, the people have given the issue more thought. Here is the Survation tracking poll on whether there should be a referendum vote on the exit deal. A new Brexit referendum would be justified. Eighteen months after the first vote, we have a more concrete idea of what leaving the EU actually involves: Reduced economic growth, a weaker pound, higher inflation, and reduced trade links to our biggest import-export partners.

We now know that Brexit potentially threatens the fragile peace that Britain spent years creating in Northern Ireland. Brexit might trigger a new Scottish independence referendum. These are not trivial issues — they are core constitutional matters describing what “Great Britain” actually is, and Brexit could alter the map if we ignore them. And then there are the lies. 350 million per week that we can now spend on the NHS, as promised by the Leave campaign. So the British have very good reason to rethink this Brexit thing, and a majority of people want it to happen.