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COM has chosen English as your language setting. Business Are petro states doomed to economic catastrophe? EU could uk brexit news today pressure on workers’ rights and workplace standards.

He also repeated denials of Russian involvement. Brexit is not all the UK’s handling right now. It’s passed a new law to help it become the first European country with its own spaceports. DW visited one of the potential sites on a stormy Scottish afternoon.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for national unity, exactly a year ahead of Britain leaving the EU. May was speaking during a whistle-stop tour that took in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. What role did Cambridge Analytica play in the Brexit vote? The whistleblower at the heart of the Facebook scandal believes the UK wouldn’t have voted for Brexit without Cambridge Analytica’s intervention. DW looks at the ties between the Brexit campaign and consulting company.

Brexiteers hailed the decision to reintroduce the pre-1988 dark blue passport as symbolic of Britain’s newly regained sovereignty. The EU doesn’t require member countries to issue passports of any particular color. Britain – Out of the EU, out with Europeans? In Britain, hostility is growing toward EU citizens working in the country.

Is this still possible after Brexit? One contentious issue is the European Court of Justice. But it is a fast moving industry, relying heavily on European talent for its highly specialized services. So Brexit will hit them hard. British Prime Minister David Cameron hugs his wife, Samantha, and family in front of 10 Downing Street. Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe June 2016: ‘The will of the British people’ After a shrill referendum campaign, nearly 52 percent of British voters opted to leave the EU on June 24. Polls had shown a close race before the vote with a slight lead for those favoring remaining in the EU.

Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe July 2016: ‘Brexit means Brexit’ The former Home Secretary Theresa May replaced David Cameron as prime minister on July 11 and promised the country that “Brexit means Brexit. May had quietly supported the remain campaign before the referendum. She did not initially say when her government would trigger Article 50 of the EU treaty to start the two-year talks leading to Britain’s formal exit. Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe March 2017: ‘We already miss you’ May eventually signed a diplomatic letter over six months later on March 29, 2017 to trigger Article 50.

Hours later, Britain’s ambassador to the EU, Tim Barrow, handed the note to European Council President Donald Tusk. Britain’s exit was officially set for March 29, 2019. Tusk ended his brief statement on the decision with: “We already miss you. Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe June 2017: And they’re off! British Brexit Secretary David Davis and the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, kicked off talks in Brussels on June 19.

The first round ended with Britain reluctantly agreeing to follow the EU’s timeline for the rest of the negotiations. The timeline splits talks into two phases. Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe July-October 2017: Money, rights, and Ireland The second round of talks in mid-July began with an unflattering photo of a seemingly unprepared British team. Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe November 2017: May pays out? Brexit timeline: Charting Britain’s turbulent exodus from Europe December 2017: Green light for phase 2 Leaders of the remaining 27 EU members formally agreed that “sufficient progress” had been made to move on to phase 2. Talks will now focus on a transition period and the future trading relationship between the two sides.

Westminster is thanking its fellow Russian-dismissing friends. Meanwhile, it seems Brexit may bring about Britain’s exit from space, the Leave campaign is accused of cheating and France has caused a UK passport stir. Brexit Diaries 31: See you later! UK leaders are finding their European friends in a time of need. Meanwhile, there is white smoke in Brussels for the transition deal and a Brexit joke from France has fallen flat in London. On the long shadow of Donald Trump, Brexit in cherry picking mode, the sinister absence of Boris, a trip to the North for Michel Barnier and another bit of nostalgia.

Jeremy Corbyn has laid out Labour’s approach to the UK’s looming divorce from the EU. Meanwhile, Donald Tusk believes “cake philosophy” is still alive and Britain’s Brexit minister has dismissed “Mad Max-style” fears. One poll found that 96 percent of those in the arts see Brexit as a disaster. But what about the minority who support the split?

Share Norway’s EU deal a model for UK? Norway’s EU deal a model for UK? Norway has a trade agreement with the EU that could serve as a blueprint for future EU-UK commerce. Share Striking a deal — will they or won’t they?