What does uk leaving the eu mean

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To that end we felt it was about the right time to set out exactly what the TPD is and more importantly how it will restrict the way you as individuals choose to vape. I think it’s ridiculous we can’t buy 30ml bottles of juice anymore. Look you can’t cherry pick the best bits that suit you as an individual when it comes to legislation of any kind. The law is the law is the law and that’s it. TPD would spell disaster and see them losing everything they’d invested into their fledgling businesses.

TPD down and find out just why so many of us fought against it and hoped that Brexit would unshackle us from it’s ridiculous constraints. So What Exactly is the TPD? The Tobacco Product Directive is a piece of legislation that basically looks at tobacco control. Another is to apply the huge and at times frightening warning labels on all tobacco products on sale in the EU. Given vaping equipment is classed as tobacco that’s why many recent mods and kit packaging has included that nicotine warning label.

I’ll leave you to judge that aspect of the TPD! Things were pretty quiet for a few years until the EU decided there was a need for stronger laws governing the sale of tobacco and in December 2012 fresh laws were written up. To bolster the need for new regulations the EU went on an anti-tobacco campaign including the release of info-graphics such as the one above showing the harm tobacco was doing to the EU population. And that was pretty much that.

Sure pressure groups sprang up to tackle the absurdity of lumping vaping in with smoking and despite last ditch attempts to block the inclusion of vaping within the TPD the new rules were passed into European law. An environment that protects children from starting to use these products. Here in the UK the Government had no choice but to accept this and released The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. Online stores and bricks and mortar shops within the EU will have to remove from sale everything that is not TPD compliant at close of play on May 19th it’s as simple as that. So let’s look at just how the TPD is going to affect you the vaper.