What is meant by brexit

British Cabinet minister’s plans for the next stage of Brexit what is meant by brexit to be based on “pure illusion”, Donald Tusk has said. The European Council president’s comments follow the much touted “war Cabinet” meeting of ministers at Chequers, the PM’s official country residence, where Theresa May’s inner circle gathered to agree the UK’s Brexit agenda. A key outcome of the meeting was the decision to pursue a policy putting Britain outside a customs union with the EU, but matching Brussels rules in certain sectors in an attempt to achieve “frictionless” trade. Will the EU countenance May’s trade plan?

I am glad that the UK government seems to be moving towards a more detailed position,” Mr Tusk said. However, if the media reports are correct I am afraid that the UK position today is based on pure illusion. It looks like the cake philosophy is still alive. From the very start it has been a key principle of the EU 27 that there can be no cherry-picking and no single market a la carte.

This is, and will continue to be, a key principle, I have no doubt. Off the back of the Chequers meeting, Mrs May is to deliver a long-awaited speech setting out her vision for Britain’s future relationship with the EU on Friday March 2. How big is the gender pay gap in your office? Years of building pressure in many parts of the world, at least since the global financial crisis,1 crystallized into dramatic political results during 2016 as public disaffection with the status quo gained traction. These developments should not surprise us.