Why is brexit happening

Brexit: Should They Stay or Why is brexit happening They Go? 47 0 0 0 13 6. The polls you’re reading on Brexit—the United Kingdom’s June 23 referendum on whether it should exit the European Union—aren’t telling you the whole story. While the commentators focus on the horse race, there’s something deeper and longer-lasting happening across the U.

Brits have become canaries in the coal mine, offering Europe, America and the developed world a glimpse of what is coming in our elections. The Brexit question represents the political conflict rapidly spreading across the globe: Do hardworking, taxpaying citizens fundamentally trust or reject half a century of globalization, integration and innovation? Have the promises of the political and economic elite helped improve their daily lives? Or is it time for a rethinking and redrawing of our political and economic systems from the ground up?

That’s why the majority of British voters’ heads may be with Remain, but their hearts are with Leave—and those hearts are winning out in these final days before the vote. Public sentiment on the ground is evenly divided. Anybody who tells you today that they can predict the final outcome is either fooling or fibbing. It is truly too close to call. The underlying currents are moving in Leave’s favor—and they are doing so worldwide. Having conducted extensive polling and focus groups in the U. Europe, it is clear that more and more people have come to reject traditional theory and party orthodoxy, wreaking havoc on the politicians and political structures standing in its way.